Jill Sobule is rumored to be attending this session of the Durango Songwriters Expo! (Photo from Jill’s website)

Here we go again gang! Another year has begun and another Durango Songwriters Expo (since 1996) is right around the corner! Join Expo Co-Founder Jim Attebery and other famous (and infamous!) Durangonians at our annual Meet and Greets in the Denver/Boulder/Broomfield area as we get ready for our Fall Colorado Expo!

What is the DSE?
We all need to be inspired to create. Few things are more inspiring than spending quality time with smart, talented, like-minded people who understand what you do…and are passionate about it, in fact. You WILL be inspired at the DSE.

Do you really know what’s going on in the “industry”? (It’s changing!) Have you been honestly critiqued by more than your friends, family and current fans? We learn through failure, through trial and error. You have to be willing to try yourself against your peers so that you can get better at your craft, your art, your job. You’ll LEARN at the DSE.

You will be motivated to create, produce, direct and manage more projects by the time you leave the DSE. You will not only see that you CAN do it, you’ll be more inspired to do it…and you’ll be far more equipped to take action, to “just do it.”

Song Listening Sessions
Get feedback on your song in person, directly from the pros.
1. You may submit to a maximum of 3 Song Listening Sessions.(Only one selection per time slot.)
2. Along with your registration fee, circle Song Listening Sessions on other side of form.
3. Do not mail CDs for Listening Sessions! Bring CD with you to Listening Sessions. Make sure song selection is clearly marked on CD.
4. ALSO, bring 3 typewritten copies of lyric sheets to each session.
5. We will try to accommodate all suggested preferences, though we can make no guarantees.
6. Song Listening Session assignments will remain posted in Thursday’s sign-in area throughout the event.

Singer/Songwriter Showcase – Application Process Now Closed…
We will be selecting performing singer/songwriters for live showcases to be held on Thursday, Oct. 5th and Friday, Oct 6th. Those selected will showcase their talent in front of major music industry decision makers. They will have 4 minutes time to perform 1 song. This is where the lovely Meghan Trainor was discovered!

You can still register for the Westminster Expo Oct. 5th through 7th, 2017 being held at the super nice Westminster Marriott Hotel and Convention Center. If you are a paid COMBO member, be sure and mention that for a discount.

The hotel is located at 7000 (West) Church Ranch Road, Westminster, Colorado. It’s just west of Colorado Highway 36 and 104th. From Sheridan Boulevard, 104th curves around the shopping center and becomes Church Ranch Road. Bottom of the hill!

Go here for all the details:

“Every handshake here is important…” –Meghan Trainor


Jill Sobule is a Denver-born, Los Angeles based singer-writer in the smart and witty tradition of Randy Newman and Warren Zevon. Over 11 albums and more than two decades of recording and performing, Jill has mused, with great compassion, empathy, wit and considerable charm on a wide range of subjects including the death penalty, depression, anorexia, shoplifting, alzheimer’s disease, coming of age, intolerance, and the Christian right.

Her recording career began in 1990 with her debut album Things Here are Different, produced by Todd Rundgren. She found commercial and critical success a few years later with her 1995 self-titled album, which introduced a large radio audiences , and adoring critics, to her witty and personal songcraft. “Jill Sobule” included the original (and oft-banned) “I Kissed A Girl” as well as the satirical gem “Supermodel” which was featured on the hit soundtrack of the movie Clueless. Since then, she has continued to record, produce and tour with an ever-growing loyal fan base and to critical acclaim. Her 2000 album “Pink Pearl” rightly takes its place among the most thoughtful, diverse and funny albums of the decade, taking on topics of faith, heartbreak, anorexia, and infidelity.

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