This product image released by Noveto Systems shows the SoundBeamer which beams music and sounds straight into your head, without the need for headphones.

COMBO Board member Sheena Morgan suggested a more appropriate name for this section of COMBO’s Newsletter! We loved the idea and will go with it… Thanks, Sheena!
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Warning Signs of Suicide 1-800-273-TALK
● Anxious? How About Some Anti-Anxiety, Meditation Music with Isochronic Tones
● Uncover 15 Income Streams To Tap Right Now to Create Sustainable Revenue From Music
● A New Streaming Service Just for Indie Artists
● New Music Venue Arrives on South Broadway After 3 Kings Closes
● Streets of London Owner John Elliott Dies After Contracting COVID-19 a Second Time
● New Device Puts Music in Your Head — No Headphones Required
● Bobby Brown’s Son Bobby Jr. Dies at 28
● Free People Records is Looking for Songs for Their Compilation Album


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