Well, it’s been interesting, but Pete Jacobs and I are at it again. . .Although OUR EVENTS WILL BE STREAMED ON ZOOM AND FACEBOOK LIVE, you CAN attend ONE Park event in person this week. Please be prepared – no public restrooms…

Thursday, August 27th
Klezmerize Jewish brass band concert 6:00
Cook Park, 7100 Cherry Creek S Dr, Denver, CO 80224

Saturday, August 29th
We are streaming live all day from Columbine Spiritual Center for our New Normal Ensemble events.

10:00 Taksim Improvisation
12:00 Taksim Improvisation
2:00 New Normal Ensemble
4:00 Georgia Michelle
6:00 Sunset Sing Along

Please register!
Cook Park Concert Thursday, Columbine Spiritual Center Saturday

The Columbine events are closed to the public except for the 6:00 Patio SUNSET SINGALONG which will be outside with social distance. You must register to attend the Singalong so we can prepare our space.

PayPal Pete – a donation is the best way to let us know you would like to attend.

Sunday, August 30th will be ONLINE Home Studio Events
9:00 Deborah Newberg
10:00 Faisal Zedan
12:00 Tahra Eissa Kanun Q&A
2:00 Faisal Zedan
4:00 Faisal Zedan
5:00 Annya Ishtarra Taksim
6:00 KeyJamKey

Instead of charging a set tiered amount, we are adding Pete Jacobs’ PayPal account Pjacobs@indra.com for you to donate ANY amount to our finances: we are still paying our artists their honorariums, rent, this Page’s fees, and other equipment expenses.

Suggested amount is $15 per person per event you stream. However, if finances are a burden, your presence is enough. It’s going to be the New Normal. Please join us!

Meg York and Pete Jacobs



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