Storm Gloor, Associate Professor of Music Industry Studies at UCD — and all around GREAT guy!

Host Michael Bracy checks in with musician and activist Zach Schwartz (Rogue Wave) to explore what the recent explosion of music and cultural advocacy could mean for the music industry in 2021 and beyond. Then we turn to the source of many of our future leaders: college and university music industry education programs. MPF board member Anna Celenza (Georgetown University) co-leads our discussion with Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association President Armen Shaomian, Gigi Johnson (Maremel Institute), Storm Gloor (University of Colorado-Denver) and Clyde Rolston (Belmont University) as we talk about the emerging generation of music industry leadership and how universities are navigating the COVID-19 crisis. As always, MPF Live is Friday from 2-3 pm eastern.


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