Angela Rose Whaley: One of the guest panelists TONIGHT at the Mental Health & Music Event

Join us for an event presented by Mental Wellness Meetup showcasing music industry professionals speaking on the topic of mental health.

Stigma is one of the leading causes preventing those who live with mental illness from seeking the care and support they need – the need to create an active dialogue around mental health has never been so crucial. This panel aims to raise awareness and create an open dialogue about mental health. RSVP for an opportunity to be a part of the conversation.

What: Mental Health & Music Meetup
Where: GA Denver @ Industry RiNo Station, 3858 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205
Cost: Free!

The panel event will be followed up with a live Sofar show! Grab your ticket to the show here: https://www.sofarsounds.com/cities/denver/events/29338

About the Panelists:

Brandy Sachen, Director of Operations, Venues & Partnerships, Sofar Sounds Denver
Rooted from Kansas City, Brandy made her way to Denver in 2013 fueled by passion and thirst for exploration. Brandy has been a part of the Sofar Sounds team in Denver for 3 years, assisting with various roles locally and nationwide. She has taken her love for live music and the local music scene and expanded Sofar Denver while keeping that same homegrown, cozy vibe that makes a Sofar shows so magical. As Denver’s City Director she has brought the team to great heights, expanding to 25+ shows per month, reimagining live music one secret gig at a time. When not planning secret gigs, Brandy supports previous clients/students, searches for the best BBQ in town and dabbles in the craft world. She also has a cat named Earl.

LVDY Music Musicians
LVDY (pronounced LADY) is a Colorado duo comprised of Kathleen Hooper & Aubrey Mable. Their sound is inspired by their ideal recipe of singer-songwriter, folk, dance, pop, and electronic synth, with powerful melodies and harmonies that speak to the senses. 303 Magazine writes “Mable’s warm rasp complements Hooper’s bright and clear vocals. With an acoustic guitar, the occasional tambourine and their harmonies, LVDY makes honest music enveloped in positive vibes to fill those sunny Colorado afternoons. Don’t miss this dynamic duo as they break into the scene in the coming months.”

Their debut EP produced by Dreamers Delight arrived in February of 2019. The LVDIES have since shared the stage with powerhouse vocalist LÉON, the incredible sister trio Joseph and Morgan Saint.

Spencer Townshend Hughes Co-founder, Music Minds Matter
Spencer is co-founder of Music Minds Matter, an organization focused on providing mental wellness resources to members of the music community. Spencer also facilitates the Mental Wellness Meetup for musicians in the community who are struggling with their mental wellness as it pertains to being involved in the music scene and beyond.

Before starting Music Minds Matter with co-founder Angela Whaley, Spencer worked as an Employment Specialist at the Aurora Mental Health Center, where he was assisting clients of AUMHC with finding and maintaining employment.

Spencer also fronts the Denver alternative rock quartet The Hollow, which has been nominated as Denver’s Best Rock Band over the past two years by 303 Magazine and Denver’s Westword and has opened for national acts such as Trapt, Badflower, The Verve Pipe, and more.

When Spencer isn’t participating in the Colorado music scene however he can, he’s performing as a suit puppeteer in the international touring production of Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular.

If you’re interested in learning more (especially about the dinosaur thing), you can contact him at spencer@musicmindsmatter.org.

Angela Whaley Co-Founder, Mental Wellness Meetup (also a COMBO Board member!)

Angela’s Life Philosophy: My curiosity is insatiable.

Angela’s passion is blending music, wellness, business, and social good. In February 2018, Spencer Hughes and Angela Whaley co-founded Mental Wellness Meetup for the local music community and have held monthly meetups to date. They have received two grants from the Denver Music Advancement Fund and will be transitioning the meetup to a nonprofit called Music Minds Matter to drive more impact.

Angela’s day job is living that digital marketing agency life, and has executed and managed the most successful mobile fundraising campaigns in history including work with American Red Cross, HBO, AT&T, NFL, Entertainment Industry Foundation, Comic Relief / Red Nose Day, Hand in Hand with SB Projects & Den of Thieves, Alicia Keys with Keep a Child Alive, Demi Lovato with Cast on Tour, National Geographic, (RED), Easterseals, Feeding America, World Food Program USA and more.

In her free time she enjoys live music and shows, playing her harp, reading, traveling, and finding innovative ways to create the biggest impact. She also has an adorable tuxedo cat named Gidget.

About Our Partners

Sofar Sounds is a global music community, in over 390 cities, that unites music lovers to experience shows in an intimate, unique setting. We curate a secret lineup of 3 diverse artists, each playing 4 songs, and give the audience an opportunity to connect with the artists & their music. Sofar transforms everyday spaces – like a living room or retail shop – and turns it into a captivating venue for secret, live shows, creating an immersive experience that brings guests and artists closer together. Each Sofar is small, and typically features three diverse acts, with no headliner.

Music Minds Matter is an organization that provides mental wellness resources to members of music communities.

Music Minds Matter was started in August 2019 by co-founders Spencer Townshend Hughes and Angela Whaley after their Mental Wellness Meetup proved to be a necessity in Colorado music communities.

The Mental Wellness Meetup originated in February 2018 as a safe space for members of the music community to come and participate in conversations about how being an active member of the music community has tested metal wellness and fortitude. Through support of the very communities in which MWM participates, MWM was granted just under $10,000 in their first two active years by Denver Arts and Venues under the Denver Music Advancement Fund. Hence, the birth of Music Minds Matter.

For more information regarding current and future programming, Mental Wellness Meetup locations and times, or anything else regarding Music Minds Matter, please outreach Angela Whaley at Angela@MusicMindsMatter.org or Spencer Townshend Hughes at Spencer@MusicMindsMatter.org.


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