Rocky Mountain Brassworks presents two concerts for Veterans Day.

Please invite all veterans to this wonderful celebration by the Rocky Mountain Brassworks. The beautiful Lakewood Cultural Center will host the event on Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. Let everyone know about this celebration of our wonderful veterans by the brass band, the Lakewood Police honor guard, and the El Jebel pipers.

November 10, 2019 is a Veterans Day concert honoring all the above military personnel.
The Rocky Mountain Brassworks is performing a Veterans concert at the Lakewood Cultural Center located in the Lakewood Commons, 4.70 Allison Way Jump off at 1700 hours with the Presentation of Colors and a glorious story, picture and musical show recognizing our Veterans and active personnel from wars and conflicts throughout American history.

At one point in the program, veterans from all branches of service will be asked to stand and be recognized as their own service branch music will be played.

Tickets can be obtained at the Cultural Center or on their website and of course purchased at the door prior to the event.

It is important that if, and when, you order or purchase tickets at the door, you mention your military status to obtain a 50% reduction in the ticket price!

The veterans in the Rocky Mountain Brassworks and all the members hope you will join us for the show.



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