Women Crush Music founder Ashley K. Stoyanov (photo by Raven Adams)

Join us in your city as we go on our first ever virtual tour! We will be putting on a nationwide virtual tour to support and connect local music communities across 15 cities. Beginning in August, we will be partnering with local venues and sponsors at each tour stop and donating proceeds to participating venues and artists.

Want to be involved? Sign up here to be a part of our tour! https://mailchi.mp/06e6fda19db5/wcm-on-tour

“From Venue To Virtual: How To Tour During COVID-19”

How does a songwriter tour in the midst of COVID-19? This question and more will be answered on July 28th by Al McCree’s VP of Booking, Jess Mosby! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn all you need to know about expanding your career from your home!

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[Thank you to Alex Teitz, http://www.femmusic.com, for contributing this news.]

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