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New COMBO member – Will Whalen

A familiar favorite in the Colorado scene, Will Whalen delivers a unique mix of acoustic rock,
blues, and indie-folk, employing smooth guitar, raucous effects, elegant keyboard, a digital loop
station and more to make a full, luscious sound. All this, while maintaining the no-hassle simplicity of an independent singer-songwriter. With a full compliment of originals as well as an eclectic array of crowd-pleasing favorites, Will Whalen fits any room, from cafes and art openings to rowdy bars and staged venues.

About Me:
I feel free when I’m on stage, and I invite the audience to feel free with me. The songs I’ve written are about everything from new love to heartache, from personal inspiration to public
embarrassment. The songs I cover are the ones that feel timeless to me. I choose my venues
carefully, accept my fans gratefully, and perform like there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.
Because there isn’t.

Previous Performances for Charitable Organizations and Educational Events
– KAFM’s “Radio Daze” and “Battle of the Bands” to raise funds for public radio.
– The American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” event hosted at Colorado Mesa University.
– “Cool Art for Warmth,” an event to raise funds and awareness of homelessness.
– The Western Colorado Center for the Arts’ “Spring Art Week” to educate grade-school students on the importance of artistic projects and pursuits.
– Colorado West Pride Fest 2015, supporting equality, understanding, and inclusiveness on the
Western Slope of Colorado and beyond.


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