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Multi-instrumentalist, music teacher, and songwriter – That’s Joel Christopher Ashmore – who plays Electric Bass, Guitar, Upright bass, Mountain Dulcimer, working on Drums and vocals currently.

Joel began playing guitar at 10 and then switched to bass at 14 when his dad bought him his first 66 Fender Telecaster Bass which he still plays and cherishes to this day.

Joel’s father was a theatre buff who played piano and guitar helping spur Joel’s interests. Joel attended the University of Kansas (“KU:) where he started Monterey Jack, a great  band that became one of Lawrence’s [town in Kansas] favorites. They released a full length CD entitled BUZZ and were chosen to headline FIMU (Festval International de Musique Universaire) from 94 -96 and were flown twice to France like rock stars and adored by the 1000s of  International attendees. Joel’s degree in French language helped get them invited to FIMU and helped navigate thru French culture as band leader and liason. While attending KU, Joel played with Common Ground , Lonesome Houndogs, Crap Supper, The Backsliders, but mostly with Monterey
Jack for the majority.

Joel teamed up with David Lipkind and released a EP with him. David is one of the best harp players in the NW who most recently played with Los Lobos on July 7th,  2014.

Joel was asked  by Lawrence booking agent Jeff Schibley to help out New Orleans Reggae unit Irie Virbations and did two National Tours again playing bass.

Joel has been in the Denver area for almost 18 years and now calls Denver HOME. He has played with many different groups – Hot Water Music which morphed into Yo Flaco – original line up with Venus Cruz; Maggie Jack; Bushtic, Panhandling Jackasses; Wild Ass Pony, Zeut,
The Sellouts, and Andy Palmer.

1999-2000 Joel was hired as music and art teacher at Denver International School where he produced a bilingual CD with preschoolers thru 5th graders, handling the lion’s share of production and arrangement. He also spearheaded an all-grades musical that pleased kids and
parents alike, and writing original songs for students in the French language. No easy task!

In 2004 Joel was awarded the Emerald award for outstanding achievement work as music director for at-risk youth in Sheridan, Colorado, thru a SCFD and south suburban rec centers grant funding.

In 2009 Joel was asked to provide low end to Donald Kornegay in Manhattan NYC – The Day Show. He also performed at The Spanish Mile in SOHO NYC with Dave Brophy, longtime writing  partner.

2013 – Joel was one of COMBO’S Top 10 songwriting contest winners with Blowin Sunshine, an old-school throw back tune with a sweet melody and hooky chorus that apparently wowed the judges into submission! The song was selected to be on COMBO’s compilation CD which has been submitted to publishing companies, music supervisors, record companies, and some top artists for their consideration. And again in 2014, Joel was one of COMBO’s top songwriters with his song “Rosalie”.

In 2014 Joel attended Durango Songwriting Expo (convention) where he met Zea Stallings and  Gary Dean Smith (of the New Darlins). He began helping Zea get his ideas recorded professionally and added his upright style to New Darlins concurrently.

At the present time, Joel is busy working on 3 different albums for 3 different groups: Toad In The Hole, New Darlins and producing Zea and the Copper Children’s debut. He hopes to have them all released in 2014 and feels he is at the top of his game and is enjoying music more than ever w his best friends.

Joel adds: “I am so grateful to my wife and all the people who have supported and believed in me. Life is good – Music is great!”

You can contact Joel at joelashmore66@gmail.com

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