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COMBO member – The AWESOME Hazel Miller! (Photo by and courtesy of David Barber of Rock on Colorado.com & Possibility Promotion)

My name is Hazel Miller. I have been a professional entertainer for more than 3 decades. I arrived in Metro Denver area on August 14, 1984 from my hometown of Louisville, KY. A laundry list of events conspired to keep me in the Denver area. I am so happy that God had me stay in Denver.

When I decided to stay I began looking for work as a singer/entertainer. My best friend & agent, Lori Cohen & I started booking gigs for my band. We found COMBO by word of mouth from other local musicians like Chris Daniels, Ron Henry and others.

I became a member in the late 80s. The advice and support I’ve received over the decades has been essential to my survival. My band has been through many phases & many band members.

I learned how to look for and secure gigs from clubs, private parties, concert promoters & weddings. Members of COMBO have been there for each other for decades. COMBO showed us how to celebrate and commiserate with each other. We’ve shared contacts and information that benefitted all of us.

COMBO provided the structure that allowed me to grow in many areas. When I decided I’d had enough of smoky, loud clubs…I initiated my search to work exclusively on concerts, corporate gigs & weddings. COMBE help me get the information & support I needed to make that change. I was successful in in making the change of venues and I have maintained this position for 20 years. COMBO helped me to zero in on my search for the gigs that would allow me to send two sons to college.

I recommend COMBO to young performers and to older performers who are just starting out. COMBO represents the positive result of many voices and minds that have come together to help nurture each other’s dream. COMBO is my so essential to the music scene in Denver. COMBO helps newcomers and veterans survive on the music scene with information, support and insight. We learn from our shared experiences and our need to expand with help and guidance from peers.


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