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Jamie Krutz (Photo by Chuck Phillips; from Jamie’s website)

Our featured COMBO member for May is Jamie Krutz (rhymes with “roots”). Jamie is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. You may have heard him at a solo show, performing original music at the annual Colorado Progressive Rock Festival, or stepping out with the popular Colorado Celtic band “Big Paddy!”

You may also have met him at a COMBO meeting or helping with a COMBO booth at a music-related event. Jamie is a long time COMBO member who has been a volunteer board member for the past year or so.

Jamie has played and recorded with a variety of rock, jazz, blues, fusion, progressive, jam, classical, improv comedy and Celtic groups; toured the USA; and performed in India. He also enjoys composing and recording film and video soundtracks and producing other artists.

As a director, videographer, animator and editor Jamie has worked on music video projects for a variety of Colorado bands; a long list of national/international music groups; plus videos for NASA, Google, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and many others.

Jamie is currently doing a pre-release of his brand new (and already well-received) creative rock album “Mom Goes To Mars.” Stay tuned for info about upcoming CD release shows!

You can keep up with Jamie on his web site: http://www.JamieKrutz.com, or catch up with him at a COMBO meeting. Initial info on “Mom Goes To Mars” is up now at http://www.JamieKrutz.com/jcds.html

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Isabelle Stillman is a singer-songwriter out of Denver, CO. Her music mixes folk, country, Americana, and pop influences. As an English teacher, performing lessons for 30 high school freshmen, Isabelle has honed an engaging stage presence and energy. A student of writing through graduate school, Isabelle writes lyrics that are original and poignant. Her songs can be catchy and upbeat or slower and sentimental. Her debut album will be released in the summer of 2019.

Isabelle Stillman

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Also, COMBO would like to welcome New Members Gary Manlove, Isabelle Stillman and Christopher Ryan Poissant, and renewing member Riley Jones!

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