FlexJam – New App for Musicians – Starting Kickstarter Campaign! FlexJam is to live music as iPods are to recorded music. FlexJam provides beautiful and intuitive mobile apps with Patent Pending technology, allowing fans to vote on songs and influence set lists displayed for bands and DJs during live concerts.

“There is no such thing as the perfect set list. It should be constantly evolving.”
– Andy Greene, Rolling Stone Magazine

“If you could make our setlist, what songs would it consist of?”
– Jared Leto, Thirty Seconds to Mars

FlexJam works like this…

Bands and DJs create events and upload complete lists of performance-ready songs via FlexJam apps and web portals.

Fans of live music use the app in real time to request the songs they want to hear. FlexJam connects fans and artists like never before.

Dynamic set lists allow artists to navigate real time voting results in order to co-create unique, interactive concert experiences with their fans.

What’s in it for Fans?
• Vote for songs and tell bands what you most want to hear!
• Find FlexJam enabled events on maps and lists.
• Discover new bands.
• Purchase tickets in-app.
• Connect with your social networks.
• Buy discounted merchandise, food, and drinks.

What’s in it for Bands?
• Know what your fans want to hear, and when they want to hear it!
• Collaborate with your fans, grow your audience, and make venues happy.
• Potentially never play the same set list twice.
• Promote events, merchandise, and songs on FlexJam’s network.
• Integrate seamlessly with social media.
• Access detailed reports for most requested songs, song ratings, and demographics.

What’s in it for Venues?
• Know that your bands are playing what your customers want to hear, improving both crowd size and retention!
• Increase food and beverage revenue through in-app advertising.
• Grow traffic with social-media integrated artists.

FlexJam’s mission is to provide world-class applications, to connect fans with bands and DJs, and to enhance and improve the live music experience for participants, performers, venues, and music industry professionals.

When we reach our goal, we will complete development of our initial iOS fan and band facing FlexJam apps, the artist web portal, and pay for our backer rewards. Within 6 months of funding, FlexJam will launch on iTunes. Funding beyond our initial goal will be allocated to additional objectives as outlined below:

Randy Connell, CEO & Founder, is a performing musician, with extensive experience in management, project planning, logistics, and information technology. Graduating from CEO Space and serving six years as Vice President of the Colorado Chapter provided Randy with hands-on entrepreneurial training and networking experience, as well as direct affiliation with over 500 new start-ups.

Erin Schlicht, VP Artist Relations & Founder, is also a CEO Space Graduate with direct experience in negotiating contracts, and over 10 years as a marketing talent. Erin is a successful Colorado business owner, as well.

Billy Long, CFO & Founder, has over 16 years experience in finance and sales, currently manages a department with annual revenues of over $1.7 million, and is an active board member of an established Colorado non-profit.

Jeff Quinn, Member of the Board of Managers, is an accomplished business owner of over 20 years. He has been a professional musician in both Denver and Los Angeles, and has many connections to bands, venues and promoters.

Ideas By Nature is FlexJam’s acting CTO, app development partner and marketing consulting team. IBN has worked in Aerospace, Medical, Real Estate, Deals/Rewards, Community/Social, Transportation, Construction, and Lifestyle/Hobbies, and has launched several successful applications into various digital marketplaces including WEvent and WISE.

What have we accomplished to date?
• Determined features, benefits and expectations for version 1 and future releases.
• Completed detailed storyboards, UI/UX (user interface and experience), wireframes and functional architecture.
• Protected Intellectual Property by obtaining a Provisional Patent (Patent Pending).
• Created a detailed marketing plan and operational budget.

In other words: We’re ready to rock!


* * * * *


The 19-year-old American woman arrested in Bali in connection to her mother’s gruesome murder has retained a lawyer and remains in police custody on the island.

Police arrested Heather Mack and her boyfriend on Wednesday after finding her mother Sheila von Weise-Mack’s body stuffed inside a bloody suitcase in the trunk of a taxi near a ritzy resort, authorities said. Michael Elkin, Mack’s attorney, told ABC News he spoke to the teen by phone today.

“Heather was denied the right to speak with an attorney after being detained, until a few hours ago, which is quite disconcerting,” Elkin said in a statement. “During my brief conversation with Heather, I was made aware that a police guard was present in the room, even after I requested that I be able to speak to Heather without anyone being present.”

He said any allegations that Mack is connected to her mother’s murder are false.

Mack’s boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, 21, was also arrested and is being held in Bali. It is not clear if he has an attorney. Elkin said he doesn’t know of any plans to extradite them to the U.S. at this point.

The family, from the Chicago area, was on vacation and had been staying at the swanky St. Regis Bali resort. Closed-circuit TV footage shows von Weise-Mack arguing with her daughter’s boyfriend in the hotel lobby on Monday, the day before she was found dead, authorities said.

A close family friend told ABC News that von Weise-Mack adored her daughter, but said the two had a tumultuous relationship. It became worse after the teen’s father, James Mack, died in 2006.

“Once she became 18, her mother couldn’t control her anymore,” said Willie Nance, a music producer in Chicago who was close friends with James Mack, also a well-known producer and composer.

“Sheila was always concerned about the kind of people [Heather] was hanging out with,” Nance said. “She was on the wild side. And that was hard on Sheila.”

Police in the Oak Park neighborhood where the Mack family once lived say they were called to the home 86 times for domestic disturbances in less than 10 years.

Nance said Mack often ran away and wouldn’t tell her mother where she went. He said he last spoke to von Weise-Mack about two weeks ago.

“She was sad,” he said. “She was going through a few things with her daughter, and she was upset. Her daughter had left home and had been gone for like a month. She told me, ‘I just don’t know what to do –- it’s killing me.’ She loved that girl so much. And she loved her husband. And she was a beautiful person.”

Nance had never met Mack’s boyfriend, he said.

A family member who did not want her name released told ABC News she was shocked by the news, but had “sensed Heather was going to be a troubled little girl.”

Mack and Schaefer have not been charged with a crime.

They hailed a taxi outside the St. Regis resort on Tuesday and placed the suitcase in the car’s trunk, police said, and then told the driver they were going to check out of the hotel. When they didn’t return, the taxi driver contacted hotel security and then turned the suitcase over to police, who discovered the body, authorities said.

Police found and arrested the couple on Wednesday at a hotel about six miles from where they were staying.

By Rheana Murray | Good Morning America


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