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J. Michael Dolan: 7-words I’m done with:

Dream: With great respect to my idol MLK, the term “I have a dream” has lost its punch for me. I’m going to replace it with, “I have an idea.” Sounds more doable. Makes me want to know what the idea is. Better yet, “I have a plan.” Much more powerful and real. Sounds like something is in the works.

Success: It’s too subjective for me. I’m going to replace it with “Complete.” “I’ve completed this project, now it’s on to the next.”

Successful: “I’m successful.” Sounds like you’re done. An artist is never done. I prefer the words “effective,” or “relevant,” or “significant.” At the very least “productive.” Now it sounds like you’re still at it.

Luck: It’s too Illusive for me. It’s never there in the beginning when you need it, and it gets all the glory at the end, “I sure was lucky.” I’m going to eliminate it from my vocabulary.

Goals: Should remain in the sports vernacular. When I hear “I have a goal” it sounds like you want me to say “Good Luck!” In the context of art and commerce I still prefer “I have a plan.” Sounds like you want me to ask you what it is.

Try: It means nothing to me. Only means you’re using the word “trying” as an excuse for not doing the work—the work that matters. I’m going to eliminate it from my vocabulary.

Positive Thinking: Over rated! Too many “positive thinkers” not getting anywhere. I prefer “positive doing.”

What did I miss?

Best selling author J Michael Dolan is the founder and former CEO/publisher of Music Connection magazine. Today he writes, speaks and leads a creative think-tank specializing in “innovative solutions to impossible challenges.”


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