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Dave Michaels with his beloved daughters (photo from the family)

From Lexi Stanecke on Fb, 10/13/20: Our dad passed away on Monday. In my mom’s arms. He lived an amazingly crazy and wild 69 years of life. With dad, life had its ups and downs but he loved us so much and made sure to tell us every chance he could. He was a proud father, husband and grandpa. The world lost a LEGEND on Monday. He is so loved and will be so, so missed. I find some peace knowing he is now at peace.

Paul Raffa: Rest in Peace you Crazy Diamond. Many, many experiences with Dave and we all share them. Good Times and Bad Times. Yes, we always were ones with demons on our shoulders to keep in line. Bangles and road bands. From loving life to a full house to arguing about turning up the PA to create energy to a sad empty house that only sounded good when full to realizing I could never be on stage the next night with him and keep up with him after hours. Someone tell me he was happy, and Happy Trails to you my friend. — with Douglas Wilmarth and Joellen Hoff.

Joellen Hoff: I hope he was happy too, Paul. I will never forget my first gig on the road with you guys, it was in Arizona – Prescott I believe. You, Dave, and I sat in my hotel room and talked for what must have been hours. I was the new kid and you guys welcomed me in. That was the beginning of a long road and eternal friendships. As you said we shared many experiences, some good some bad, but through it all, I believe we were all part of a family. And it is so hard to say goodbye to a family member. Rest in Peace, Dave. You will always be in our hearts.

Heather MacLeod: Such a crappy 2020. Big hugs, Paul. Good times and bad times is what made us all who we are today. Dave was a big part of many of our lives.

Dave leaves behind his wife Debbie Stanecke, daughters Lexi and Chanel Stanecke, and his grandchildren.

[Editor’s note: Dave managed world renowned nightclub Bangles in Glendate, Colorado for many years under the ownership and direction of the late Sammy Mai and Mike Zizzo. Paul Raffa was the main soundman. Dave booked many original hard rock bands which was a rarity in the Denver area at the time. He also booked some great cover bands, not only from Denver but all over the U.S. And he and Sammy booked so many up & coming bands on their first tours out of Hollywood or Nashville like Motley Crue, Alice in Chains, Steelheart and so many more giving us a chance to catch up with the same bands that fans all across the U.S. were hearing. He also mentored musicians and others who wanted to be in the music industry, giving young people a chance to run the lights or to be backstage even just as a “lumper.” He and Sammi will live on as long as we do.]

XYZ performing Inside Out live at Bangles Nightclub – Denver, Colorado May 2010. A DavidB Productions concert. Terry Ilous, Pat Fontaine, Tony Marcus Hermosilla (vocals) and Joey Shapiro (drummer from Denver). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60C98j1xdbU&feature=youtu.be

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Other Notable Musicians’ Deaths…

Too many of these deaths are from SUICIDE. If you are contemplating taking your own life because “things just aren’t going right,” promise me to wait until after midnight. Play Cinderella. Look at how her life changed by waiting a few days. Don’t die which is so irreversible. Someone who loves you very much will be in pain for the rest of their lives. Think of them, too.
The deaths that are listed from Wikipedia are those of musicians or those persons who have ties to the music business from all over the world. These are our brothers and sisters. Say a prayer for their souls. They will be missed greatly.

October 2020
22: K. Deep, 79, Indian singer and comedian.

21: Zero Babu, 80, Indian playback singer (Kudumbini) and actor (Maadatharuvi, Kabuliwala); Marge Champion, 101, American actress (Show Boat, Give a Girl a Break), dancer, live action model, and choreographer (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Emmy winner (1975).


19: Vaclovas Daunoras, 83, Lithuanian opera singer; Spencer Davis, 81, Welsh musician (The Spencer Davis Group), pneumonia; Gianni Dei, 79, Italian actor and singer; Tony Lewis, 62, English bassist, singer and songwriter (The Outfield).



18: Alfredo Cerruti, 78, Italian television author, music producer, and singer (Squallor); Juliusz Luciuk, 93, Polish classical composer; Naâma, 84, Tunisian singer; José Padilla, 64, Spanish DJ (Café del Mar) and producer, colon cancer; Ilana Rovina, 86, Israeli singer and actress (I Like Mike), COVID-19; Maisa Tsuno [ja], 29, Japanese guitarist; Chet “JR” White, 40, American musician (Girls) and record producer, heart attack.

17: Toshinori Kondo, 71, Japanese jazz trumpeter.

16: Johnny Bush, 85, American country singer-songwriter (“Whiskey River”); Gordon Haskell, 74, English singer-songwriter (“How Wonderful You Are”) and musician (King Crimson, The Fleur de Lys); P. S. Narayanaswamy, 86, Indian singer.


15: Dave Munden, 76, English drummer and singer (The Tremeloes), respiratory infection.

14: Dmitriy Danin, 70, Russian composer, keyboardist and singer; Herbert Kretzmer, 95, South African-born English journalist and lyricist (Les Misérables); Paul Matters, Australian rock bassist (AC/DC) (death announced on this date).



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