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Photo: Brian Del Mar, accomplished guitarist (photo courtesy of Jane Manly)

Jane Manly let us know that Brian Del Mar died this past week. However, as of this writing we were unable to find anything more to pass along. Lots of loving comments on Facebook. We have attached a photo of Brian in better times courtesy of Jane.

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Other Notable Musicians’ Deaths…

June 2019

16: Bishop Bullwinkle, 70, American singer (“Hell to the Naw Naw”) and comedian, heart attack; Sergey Ostroumov, 53, Russian drummer (Mashina Vremeni).

15: Karlheinz Miklin, 72, Austrian jazz musician, stroke; Beatriz Salomón, 65, Argentine actress, television presenter and singer, colon cancer.

14: Elio Cruz, 87, Gibraltarian playwright, singer and songwriter.

13: A. Rahman Hassan, 73, Malaysian singer and composer.

12: Lew Klein, 91, American educator, television director and producer (American Bandstand); Elfriede Ott, 94, Austrian actress (Hallo – Hotel Sacher … Portier!, The Unintentional Kidnapping of Mrs. Elfriede Ott) and singer.

11: Enrico Nascimbeni, 59, Italian singer, journalist and poet, heart attack; Velvel Pasternak, 85, Canadian-born American musicologist.

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