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Raquel Garcia and her dad (photo courtesy of Chuck Morris)

From Chuck Morris, 10/25/20: Tragic death today of Arielle Garcia, father of Raquel Garcia, 14 year old bilingual singer here in Denver who has been a shining light performing for the Latino community and doing great community work since she was 12. Raquel is the oldest of 7 children and daughter of Karen Garcia.

We will be setting up a Go Fund Me page shortly to help with the overwhelming expenses this wonderful family have. I will be donating the first $5,000 plus the monies I’ve always helped in these troubled times for them. Stay tuned.

Aeriel died from complications from COVID 19. My wife and I’s time in the last 14 months with the family has been a blessing in our lives and we are more than ever committed to helping Raquel achieve the success in her career that she so deserves .

More details coming. I promised her dad I wouldn’t stop ‘til I help make a star. That’s a promise I will make happen. It will continue to happen with Raquel going into the studio in the next few months with famed producer Peter Asher who is one of the great producers in music, producing and discovering Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor.

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Support for Raquel Garcia’s Family (Margaret Essa is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Charles Morris for the Garcia family).

Raquel Garcia is the American Dream – and the American Challenge – personified. Just 14 years old and the oldest of 7 children in her family, she has earned national attention as a vocalist, a performer and an example for young people of all colors. Unfortunately, her father spent the last five years profoundly ill, largely unable to work, creating a need for Raquel to use her gifts to support her family.

When her father, who was the main source of income when he could work, recently passed away from COVID-19, the Garcia family found themselves without any funds, and need your support.

Raquel, who is bilingual, stepped up to the plate and, even before her father passed, she went to work and supported her family financially doing Latinx private concerts. She also sought to give back to her community.

With her amazing talent, she’s spent the last year, working with manager and promoter Chuck Morris. Next month, she is set to record two tracks with legendary producer Peter Asher, the longtime producer and manager of Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor.

So close to a dream, and yet, because Raquel is the family’s primary breadwinner, there is dire need for financial support for the family. With seven children, ages ranging from 1- to 14-years old, it is a tremendous burden on Raquel’s shoulders.

Active in and around Colorado, Raquel’s involved in several non-profits that she created and uses her voice and platform to better the community around her. Now she needs the community to help her family.

Given the tragedy of the situation, we hope you can contribute and donate funds to this wonderful family during a terrible time. Although Raquel has a very bright future, right now, her family is in a position where they cannot afford to put food on the table and are at risk of losing their home, which is their only asset.

This fund will go, in its entirety, to the Garcia family in an attempt to get them through this extremely difficult and devastating period in their lives. Sometimes it is only a matter of days between losing everything and getting on a path to thriving.

With how much Raquel gives back, it is difficult to ask. But, with options running out, the family needs help. Mr. Morris, who’s been helping with expenses, has agreed to match the first $5,000 that comes in. We are hopeful people will help change not just Raquel’s life, but her entire family’s.

Go to the GoFundMe page for videos of Raquel singing as well as to donate:


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