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Mac Davis, Helen Reddy, Jessye Norman, Diahann Carroll, Ginger Baker, Karen Pendleton, Kim Shattuck, Ray Santos, Edward Cherney, Frankie Banali, Paul Barrere, Bart Walsh, “Papa Don” Schroeder, Irving Burgie, Jerry Naylor Jackson, Amanda Capper, Trent Carlini, Edd Byrnes, Billy Bunting, David Olney, Eric Levine, Bob Shane, Buddy Cage, Joseph Shabalala, Scott Sessions, Wade Hawkins, T A Kaliyamurthy, P.F. Sloan, Mike Somerville, Jim Owen, Barbara Martin, Jason Rainey, Bill Rieflin, Manu Dibango, Freddy Rodriguez, Sr., Joe Diffie, Alan Merrill, Lance Teller, John Ragsdale, Dan Gamble, Hal Willner, Bill Withers, Ellis Marsalis, Jr., Wallace Roney, Bucky Pizzarelli, John Prine, Knox Phillips, Steve Evans, Gary Halsey, Eddie Cooley, Gary Hoover, Paul Evers, Fred the Godson, Ian Whitcomb, Nicole Mitchell, John McDonald, Harold Reid, Brian Howe, Florian Schneider, Betty Wright, Little Richard, Beckett Cypher, Tommy Clenin, Joey Image, Bob Kulick Jaye A. Steiner, Bonnie Pointer, Steve Priest, Vera Lynn, Roberta Cox, Michael Falzon, Hachalu Hundessa, Johnny Mandel, Pete Carr, Charlie Daniels, Nick Cordero, Naya Rivera, James Charles Evers, Peter Green, Malik B., Paul Haugen, Trini Lopez, Julian Bream, Jack Sherman, Rob Jones, Cathy Smith, Ronald Bell, Bruce Williamson, Jr., Steve Espinosa, “Sonny Gunn”,

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Other Notable Musicians’ Deaths…

The deaths that are listed from Wikipedia are those of musicians or those persons who have ties to the music business from all over the world. These are our brothers and sisters. Say a prayer for their souls. They will be missed greatly.

September 2020
29: Angelita Castany, 86, Mexican actress (Por mis pistolas), singer and dancer; Mac Davis, 78, American singer-songwriter (“Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me”, “It’s Hard to Be Humble”) and actor (North Dallas Forty), complications from heart surgery; Rocco Prestia, 69, American bassist (Tower of Power); Helen Reddy, 78, Australian-American singer (“I Am Woman”, “Delta Dawn”) and actress (Pete’s Dragon), Grammy winner (1973); Isidora Žebeljan, 53, Serbian composer and conductor.

28: Jackie Dennis, 77, Scottish singer; Frédéric Devreese, 91, Belgian composer (Benvenuta, The Cruel Embrace).

26: Masayoshi Kabe, 70, Japanese bassist and guitarist (The Golden Cups, Speed, Glue & Shinki, Vodka Collins), multiple organ failure; Mark Stone, American bassist (Van Halen), cancer; Jimmy Winston, 75, English musician (Small Faces) and actor (Doctor Who).

25: S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, 74, Indian playback singer (“Didi Tera Devar Deewana”) and actor (Maya, Mayabazar), COVID-19.

24: Max Merritt, 79, New Zealand musician (“Slipping Away”), Goodpasture syndrome; Vyacheslav Voinarovsky, 74, Russian opera singer and actor (The Garage, To Kill a Dragon, Mother), People’s Artist of Russia (1999).

23: Juliette Gréco, 93, French actress (The Sun Also Rises, Belphegor, or Phantom of the Louvre, The Night of the Generals) and singer; Guitar Crusher, 89, American blues singer and guitarist; W. S. Holland, 85, American drummer (The Tennessee Three).



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