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Paul Haugen (from his GoFundMe page)

From Danny Masters Gorklo, 7/27/20: My good friend Paul passed away yesterday. He had been struggling with cancer and a number of health issues for quite a while. He was a very good friend and a great musician. We recorded an album (tape) together back in 1990 whilst playing in a very busy cover band in Denver called Electric Playground. He was an extremely supportive keyboardist and could tear up John Lord solos and other Hammond B3 with the best of them. He was always so exceptionally enthusiastic to collaborate on original material that I brought in and was always very humble.

He also developed great pieces with Ricky [Kashmir, a/k/a Gary Ottum] and Tom Murray in the Electric Playground days.

Aside from his talents, he was a very kind hearted and intelligent friend who was always a positive light in this world. He was always more interested in what others were doing then talking about his achievements.

He was truly an artist in the purest form, and he backed his passion up with formidable technique and theory knowledge.

A funny story: he once played my progressive rock song Vienna with me, and he counted up that there were 63 chords in the song. He loved that!

He loved a challenge and often joined my Led Zeppelin tribute band as a guest keyboardist playing great songs like Kashmir and Since I’ve Been Loving You among others.

I expect he will be jamming with Ricky Kashmir in heaven tonight, and maybe my dad and my son Aaron, all of whom passed over the last few years.

I have always appreciated those musicians who have been so very supportive of my compositions and Paul was one of the most supportive. As far as I’m concerned that’s a bigger complement to Paul than to me. Regardless of whether or not he played on the recordings or performance.

But more important was Paul’s spirit. He will be missed by all of us who love him down here.

Fly on Paul Haugen…

# # # # #

From Tom Murray: Time of Sadness to all that knew him. A year ago I asked Paul to lay keyboard tracks on a song called ” Stay with me ” on the new Litter album. He put his special magic in the song . This was his last song he recorded . God bless you, Paul, and thank you for the love of life and music you shared as a band mate and a friend with all of us! You will be deeply missed and your legacy will continue forever!! Be in peace.

* * * * *

Other Notable Musicians’ Deaths…

These deaths that are listed from Wikipedia are those of musicians or others who have ties to the music business from all over the world. These are our brothers and sisters. Say a prayer for their souls. They will be missed greatly.

July 2020

29: Malik B., 47, American rapper (The Roots); Michio Igasa, Japanese composer (Living for the Day After Tomorrow, Utawarerumono).

28: Renato Barros, 76, Brazilian singer and guitarist (Renato e Seus Blue Caps), lung infection; Bent Fabric, 95, Danish pianist and composer; Ahlam Wehbi, 82, Iraqi singer and actress.

27: Ghawi Ghawi, 70, Palestinian musician; Denise Johnson, 56, English singer (Primal Scream); Miss Mercy, 71, American groupie and singer (The GTOs); Camil Marinescu, 55, Romanian conductor (Bucharest Opera, Berlin Symphony Orchestra), COVID-19.

25: Peter Green, 73, English Hall of Fame blues rock singer-songwriter (“Black Magic Woman”) and guitarist (Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green Splinter Group); Bernard Ladysz, 98, Polish opera singer and actor (The Doll, The Quack, Pierscien i róza); CP Lee, 70, English musician (Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias).

23: Sérgio Ricardo, 88, Brazilian film director (The Night of the Scarecrow), composer (Black God, White Devil) and singer, heart failure; Dominic Sonic, 55, French singer.

22: Charles Evers, 97, American civil rights activist, disc jockey and politician, mayor of Fayette, Mississippi (1969–1981, 1985–1989); František Hamada, 106, Czech Moravian folk music violinist; Tim Smith, 59, English singer-songwriter (Cardiacs, The Sea Nymphs, Spratleys Japs).


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