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Scott Sessions – from the Movers & Shakers website

From Frank Raehal, 2/12/20: My friend Scott was found dead after going missing this weekend. The coroner ruled it a homicide. I am in disbelief still.

I was just out with him both Wednesday and Thursday last week. We talked about how excited he was to have just played in Memphis, and about all his upcoming performances.

Scott always had a smile on his face.

I remember him playing in so many bands, and always willing to play with anyone, anywhere. He usually had his pocket trumpet within easy access. He truly loved playing, and brought excitement, energy and enthusiasm wherever he was.

He will be sorely missed.

Prayers go out to everyone who knows him, and I know he is watching us from Heaven!

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From Carla Jordan, 2/12/20: Wrapping my head around this has me somewhat numb and very sad. In Memphis we joked about your hot red sparkly jacket and your custom leather trumpet case, the man purse. So full of life. Funny. Charming. And ready to play. Not just play, but blow the walls off the place. The excitement to be there wrapped you up. My condolences to your family, band family, and friends. Damnit. It’s a very difficult and sad time in Colorado right now. God Speed, Scott Sessions, there is a large void with your absence in our music community. The angels have a new trumpeter.


“Playing Trumpet is my passion! I play in the hottest band out of Denver Colorado-The Movers & Shakers” ~ Scott Sessions

… Thanks to the Greeley Blues family and friends that came out to honor our friend..we’ll miss and love ya forever…RIP Scott.

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