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Mark Diamond on Fb, 1/19/20: Now only two remain. R.I.P. dear friend and band mate, Eric Levine. A virtuosic violinist, kind soul, and overall messy guy. You’ll be jamming with Scap again in his bum out chair in the sky!

Jon Pushkin: Mark, I’m so sad to hear about Eric. A brilliant player, a very eccentric and intelligent human being, and a great bandmate. He was always in tune no matter what Scap said.

Bob Schlesinger: So sorry to hear this. I only worked with him a few times as part of the Joni project I did with Lynn Skinner, Ron Bland, Larry Thompson and Bob Rebholz. I thoroughly enjoyed his musical presence. Thanks for posting, Mark.

Ron Som: I played backup guitar with him at the Ft Collins oldl timey dances for 7 years and the odd wedding gig from time to time. He got me interested in playing fiddle. So sad to hear of his passing.

Doug Berch: I was just thinking about Eric the other day. I hadn’t seen him in years. We didn’t know each other well but I always enjoyed the time I had with him at gigs and hanging around before and after gigs. So sorry you lost a wonderful friend and musician. He was a unique and awesome individual.

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Other Notable Musicians’ Deaths…

January 2020

21: Meritxell Negre, 48, Spanish singer (Peaches and Herb), cancer.

19: Dan Andrei Aldea, 69, Romanian rock musician (Sfinx), heart attack; Manfred Clynes, 94, Austrian-born Australian-American scientist, inventor and musician; Jimmy Heath, 93, American jazz saxophonist (Heath Brothers); Robert Parker, 89, American R&B singer (“Barefootin'”); Sunanda Patnaik, 85, Indian Gwalior gharana classical singer; Allah Thérèse, Ivorian traditional musician.

18: Dennis Garcia, 69, Filipino rock bassist (Hotdog); David Olney, 71, American singer- songwriter, heart attack.

17: Claudio Roditi, 73, Brazilian-born American trumpeter, prostate cancer.

16: R. Sathyanarayana, 93, Indian musicologist; Barry Tuckwell, 88, Australian horn player and conductor.

15: Chris Darrow, 75, American musician (Kaleidoscope, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band); Jak Kilby, 72, British music photographer (death announced on this date).

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