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The late Opee Patzkowsky (from his Facebook page)

Julie Shively on Fb, 9/13/20: RIP, Opee Patzkowsky seriously F..U..C..K sadly knowing the inevitable my heart is in a billion pieces that you’ve made your way with the angels to heaven to be with Jack, your sister, all our beloved Cricket on the Hill Brothers and Sisters who have gone before now – that’s a reunion I’m looking forward to attending in the future!!

I’m grateful you are no longer in pain or suffering you fought so damn hard for many years I was always awe-struck at you willpower strength to live you gave inspiration and encouragement. Oh Opee so thankful we reconnected to throw the greatest reunion party for The Cricket on the Hill brought together many people we love so much fun incredible RnR and to make me your co-admin on the page I promise to keep it going strong. Grateful and will miss our meetings when I worked in Longmont.

Curse this stupid pandemic that took away time I could have seen you a few more times before you left this world I’ll miss our conversations on the phone even though you always knew I’d rather text LOL have so many memories I will keep close to my heart my favorite is when you worked at the liquor store and you got the Iron Maiden beer for Wade I came to pick it up got to play with Jack for awhile and headed to Capital Hill to deliver the delicious goods. Hard to believe i will never hear your voice, give you a hug, make you laugh at my nerdy self, but am happy I got all of those the last 8 years so for one last time even if its not in person….I LOVE YOU!!



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