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This list from Wikipedia is to honor those fallen musicians from all over the world, including the United States. Everyone of them will be missed dearly, not only by their family and friends, but by their multitudinous fans of all ages, races, colors, and creeds.

June 2021

8: Farhad Humayun, 42, Pakistani singer and drummer (Overload).

7: Richard Nunns, 75–76, New Zealand traditional Maori instrumentalist; Iurie Sadovnic, 69, Moldovan folk singer, suicide by gunshot.

6: Jaime Junaro, 72, Bolivian singer-songwriter and guitarist, complications from COVID-19 and diabetes; Michele Merlo, 28, Italian singer-songwriter, complications from cerebral hemorrhage.

5: S. B. John, 87, Pakistani singer; Atal Bihari Panda, 92, Indian actor (Sala Budha, Aadim Vichar), playwright, and lyricist; Joaquim Tristany i Gual, 94, Spanish sardana composer.

4: Clarence Williams III, 81, American actor (The Mod Squad, Purple Rain, The Butler), colon cancer.

3: Karla Burns, 66, American operatic mezzo-soprano; Kamiel Sergant, 86, Belgian singer.

2: Henn Pai, 84, Estonian opera singer.

1: Aleksandr Maykapar, 74, Russian harpsichordist, organist, and musicologist; Robert Rutman, 90, German-American visual artist and musician.


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