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A Sarod – description below

These deaths that are listed from Wikipedia are those of musicians or who have ties to the music business from all over the world. These are our brothers and sisters. Say a prayer for their souls. They will be missed greatly.

December 2020
1: Dan Morrison, Australian ska punk drummer (Area-7), injuries from a fall.

November 2020

30: Hella Brock, 101, German music educator and musicologist, COVID-19; Anne Sylvestre, 86, French singer-songwriter.

29: Miša Aleksic, 67, Serbian rock bassist (Riblja Corba), complications from COVID-19; Othella Dallas, 95, American dancer and jazz singer (death announced on this date); Peg Murray, 96, American actress (Cabaret), Tony winner (1967); April Boy Regino, 59, Filipino musician and actor, prostate cancer.

28: Shahadat Hossain Khan, 62, Bangladeshi sarod player, COVID-19; Piotr Strojnowski, 62, Polish reggae vocalist and guitarist (Daab).

          The sarod or sarode is a stringed instrument, used mainly in Hindustani music on the Indian subcontinent. Along with the sitar, it is among the most popular and prominent instruments. It is known for a deep, weighty, introspective sound, in contrast with the sweet, overtone-rich texture of the sitar, with sympathetic strings that give it a resonant, reverberant quality. A fretless instrument, it can produce the continuous slides between notes known as meend (glissandi), which are important in Indian music.


26: Fecó Balázs, 69, Hungarian singer and composer, COVID-19; Allan Botschinsky, 80, Danish jazz trumpeter; Cecilia Fusco, 87, Italian operatic soprano, COVID-19; Jamir Garcia, 42, Filipino singer (Slapshock), suicide by hanging; Herman Green, 90, American jazz and blues saxophonist; Kamen Tchanev, 56, Bulgarian operatic tenor, COVID-19.

25: Flor Silvestre, 90, Mexican singer (“Cielo rojo”), actress (The Soldiers of Pancho Villa, Ánimas Trujano) and equestrienne; Camilla Wicks, 92, American violinist.

23: i_o, 30, American techno DJ (“Violence”); Hal Ketchum, 67, American country singer- songwriter (“Small Town Saturday Night”, “Past the Point of Rescue”, “Hearts Are Gonna Roll”), complications from dementia.

22: Corrie van Gorp, 78, Dutch singer and actress (De Wereld Draait Door).

21: Tamás Mihály, 73, Hungarian bassist (Omega); Rufus Rehu, 81, New Zealand musician (Quincy Conserve).

20: Romualdo Brito, 67, Colombian vallenato musician and composer, traffic collision; Michael Brooks, 85, British music historian and archivist.

19: Michael J. Budds, 73, American musicologist; Mshoza, 37, South African kwaito singer.

18: László Benko, 77, Hungarian keyboardist (Omega); Dominic Grant, 71, British pop singer (Guys ‘n’ Dolls) and sculptor, abdominal aortic aneurysm; Tony Hooper, 81, English guitarist (Strawbs).


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