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Scott Roche, founder of Boulder’s Coupe Studios, dies

From Chris Daniels, 6/13/18: It seems that we take for granted what an amazing gift this life is until we reach an age at which it is so easily taken from us. Scott Roche may have been the kindest man I ever knew. He passed away this morning. He’s out of suffering – but he was one of a kind.

I went over and played some acoustic guitar for him a few days ago. We laughed and he even strummed a chord. But we both knew we were saying goodby.

I looked at the albums I’ve recorded and I think it’s between 12 and 15 records that were done in part or in whole at Coupe Studios. He started that place in a chicken coup in his backyard and, in a time when studios are struggling, it thrived and is to this day one of the best studios I’ve ever worked in — and much of that was the vibe. Scott created that vibe. He would come into every session and laugh and listen – just to make you feel good. I recorded a zillion VOs and commercials for Scott and he always treated you fairly. And he just plain LOVED music.

He was responsible for the early success of the Subdudes and Rose Hill Drive and so many great acts. For a kid who loved Mitch Rider from Detroit – Scott loved Boulder – and he lived in and loved this town through all its changes. He raised his kids here and he an Jane were truly happy.

There is no fairness in life. We are, after all, biology and for some (believe me I know this) that biology stops working. But I believe that we are also love. It’s that simple. And Scott brought more love and music into this world than any one person I know. My sadness runs so deep with his passing. I’d known him since 1973. I’ve spent the day editing a film interview with Scott that my friends Lee and Fleur did for the Magic Music movie. There he is strong and funny. I’ll give the edited version to Jane and his children to use as they wish – but wow, what a gentle, strong, intelligent and loving man. Thank you Scott Roche for all you did for so many. We both loved JT so in his words, “…and you can sing this song when I’m gone.” We will Scott. Love you, Big hugs CD

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From Mindy Sterling: Thank you so much Chris for your words of eloquence and heart. I moved out here in the mid 70’s and lived with he and Patty on Gold Hill when they started Coupe, had a band and Boulder was alive with music. Over the following decades he also gifted me with many opportunities to thrive and develop my art. So generous that way. I am glad that he was so dearly loved up to the end by Jane and the girls and that his suffering is over. We’re at that age where we are losing people with no rhyme or reason as to how it plays out. It haunts me. It makes me draw my friends closer, love them a little more and remember to tell them ” in the living years”.

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From Jake Schroeder: This breaks my heart. Scott was so kind to me when I was at my worst stage. I did get to have a great apology/amends discussion with him years ago that was a great demonstration of what a really kind heart he had.

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