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Steve Espinosa (from his Facebook page)

From Dan Treanor on Fb., 9/03/20: Just got word that my friend and great musician Steve Espinosa, aka “Sonny Gunn” has passed away. Such sad news. I was blessed to have shared a stage on many occasions with Sonny. He was one of the best. It was always a treat to play his version of “Kidney Stew”. Sonny was a super cool guy and great musician. I am honored to have him play on many of my recordings over the years. He will be missed. These are some hard times indeed. Our thoughts and love go out to Susan. RIP, Sonny, Gabriel has got some competition now. You will be missed my friend.

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Other Notable Musicians’ Deaths…

The deaths that are listed from Wikipedia are those of musicians or those persons who have ties to the music business from all over the world. These are our brothers and sisters. Say a prayer for their souls. They will be missed greatly.

September 2020

9: Ronald Bell, 68, American saxophonist (Kool & the Gang) and songwriter (“Ladies’ Night”, “Celebration”).

8: Simeon Coxe, 82, American musician (Silver Apples) and news reporter (WKRG-TV); Sir Ronald Harwood, 85, South African-born British screenwriter (The Pianist, The Dresser, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), Oscar winner (2003); Vexi Salmi, 77, Finnish lyricist (“Huilumies”, “Katson sineen taivaan”).

6: S. Mohinder, 95, Indian composer (Paapi, Nanak Nam Jahaz Hai) and music director; Bruce Williamson, 49, American singer (The Temptations), COVID-19.

5: Christiane Eda-Pierre, 88, French coloratura soprano; Al G. Wright, 104, English-born American band director (Purdue All-American Marching Band).

4: Gary Peacock, 85, American jazz double-bassist; Lucille Starr, 82, Canadian singer (“Cajun Love”).

3: Bill Pursell, 94, American composer (“Our Winter Love”), pianist and music teacher, COVID-19.

2: Jirina Fikejzová, 93, Czech lyricist and athlete; Rinat Ibragimov, 59, Russian double bass player; Alexander Priko, 46, Russian singer and keyboardist (Laskovyi Mai), cancer.



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