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Our friends at AirShow Mastering sent us this. Thanks, Dave Glasser and Ann Blonston! These tips for upgrading the audio you’re putting out on your Zoom video call came to us from banjo player Tim Ruddell by way of fiddler Natalie Padilla and engineer John McVey. Originally a Google Doc link, if you can’t access it, you’ll find it on our blog.

You never know when you might be asked to Zoom a wedding!

Download the Zoom app.
● Use a desktop/laptop computer, not a cellphone.
● Connecting to your router with an ethernet cable vs. wifi is great, if you have that option.
● An external mic connected to your computer will provide much better sound quality than internal laptop mics.
● Ideally you will have at least 3.0Mbps up & downstream internet connectivity. You can check at speedtest.net.
● Adjust the settings below, one of which needs to be re-set each time you open the app and at the start of the event.

1. Select your external microphone (if you’re using one) as your audio source,
2. Set the “Automatically adjust microphone” setting in Zoom
3. In settings, go to Advanced.
4. Then check “Show in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” from microphone.
5. Make sure Suppress Persistent Background Noise is disabled.
6. Make sure Suppress Intermittent Background Noise is disabled.
7. During the actual video conference, be sure to “Turn on Original Sound.”

NOTE: Check this EVERY time you start the app because it defaults to “off”!




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