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Colorado Honor Band

Colorado Honor Band – “Socially Distancing” in order to play on!

Colorado Honor Band Association: Our first night of the Spring Term was a success! Students returned to CHBA for in-person rehearsal last night under a number of safety precautions (including UV and HEPA air filters, bell covers, musician masks, spit towels, and a socially distanced rehearsal set up for each group). We’d like to extend a tremendous thank you to all of our staff and board members who worked so hard to make the space ready for a safe gathering.

“We witnessed first-hand last night how important being together and making music is to our students, especially our older students.” – Steve Martin, CHBA Program Director
Enrollment for new and continuing students is still open. You can register your student at https://forms.gle/wQAx8beukZm4a8Cz5



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