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Aliens over DIA (photo by Barb Dye)

Laurie Dameron: So the other day I was entertaining at a senior facility and there was a woman visiting her mom and she had two young girls with her… about 4 or 5 years old. As soon as I saw one of the girls face I immediately thought of Greta Thunberg… seriously! She looked like a young Greta! I had fun playing the holiday songs but every time I looked at this young person… something kept tugging on my heartstrings and I kept thinking “I CAN’T give up! I must keep trying… for the children! Their future!!!”

So now every time I think of giving up I will remember that young innocent face!

It inspired me to re-write” an email that I will send out to Jeffco County Schools for Spaceship Earth What Can I Do?:

Please consider this program for spring semester 2020!

I wonder if you’ve seen some articles in the media this past year about how critical climate change is? The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is saying we have 10 -12 years to make some drastic changes in order to reverse what is happening to our planet.

Have you heard about the young 16 year old Swedish woman, Greta Thunberg? She has inspired young students and adults with the Friday Global Climate Strikes!
She has been nominated for a Noble Peace Prize!

Do you understand that what students are learning in the regular school curriculum, will not matter in our future unless we get a handle on climate change?

Environmental education should be top priority!

The EPA says that over 40% of ur greenhouse gases are coming from the way products are extracted from the earth, produced, transported and even gotten rid of (that’s almost half the problem!!!) and that striving for zero waste is one of the easiest and quickest ways to fight climate change.

Sustainable energy, solar and wind and oil and gas and carbon fee are huge and important issues but take time. Time that we don’t have. But striving for zero waste by reducing and reusing is something that everyone can do NOW.

This is NOT about money for me. I’ve done half of these for no charge as it’s a labor of love.

I wish I had a Phd I could put next to my name so that folks would think what I have to say is important …but actually I DO have a Phd…Passion, Heart and Dedication!

I implore you to consider our children’s future on our beautiful planet. If you do not believe in the whole premise of climate change I want to hear from you to understand why.

My presentation starts off with a bit of environmental history and shows what is happening to us and our planet. But most of the program is about positive and simple solutions we can take.

[Editor’s note: Laurie also performs 5 of her own songs which are worked into her talk. Laurie is a fabulous singer/songwriter/guitarist. YOUR people will LOVE her program because it not only is informative, it is very entertaining!]

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