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Laurie Dameron at COMBO Songwriters Showcase at Walnut Room

Laurie Dameron at the COMBO Songwriters’ Showcase! (Photo by David Barber)

From Laurie Dameron: Interesting Barb about Francis Scott Key! Here’s what it says in Wikipedia: Key owned slaves from 1800, during which time abolitionists ridiculed his words, claiming that America was more like the “Land of the Free and Home of the Oppressed”. As District Attorney, he suppressed abolitionists and did not support an immediate end to slavery. He was also a leader of the American Colonization Society which sent freed slaves to Africa.. He freed some of his slaves in the 1830s, paying one ex-slave as his farm foreman. He publicly criticized slavery and gave free legal representation to some slaves seeking freedom, but he also represented owners of runaway slaves.

Typical lawyer!

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Laurie D
Laurie Dameron
Windchime Productions
Business and Professional Women (BPW Colorado and NFBPWC)
Chair of Environmental and Sustainable Development

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To Anthem or Not to Anthem? After reading so many articles about our national anthem – not only a song that the average American cannot sing – but that the lyrics were written by Francis Scott Key, a slave owner, and which glorify war and are not really about our country – as in “God Bless America” (religious), “God Bless the U.S.A.” (associated more with American tragedy), and “America the Beautiful” (really about our country’s scenery). Maybe it is time we started looking at a national anthem that is more 21st Century and represents the diversity that this country now holds.

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