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Makenzie “ENZI” Culver – from her album cover

Hi Ya’ll! I’m getting settled into Nashville nicely. Just finished playing my first show here at a cool venue called The End. I wanted to share a link to a recent podcast I did if you are interested in checking it out!

Stay tuned! I’ve got some new music on the way soon.


“Man this girl is a superstar. You put her next to Lorde and you tell me who’s better! This song is fantastic. She is clearly talented since this is some of the best song production I have heard on here. You guys must know this is a hit song and you are just feeling out what the public thinks. Well we LOVE IT! Every part of this song is fantastic, even the “overdose” lyric about love, just fantastic. Seriously this is a #1 hit! Her voice is perfect, the music feels like its there for her and only her, which never happens on here, and she’s so good I have to save her name…”

~ Reverbnation FAN review

Photo: Makenzie Culver – album cover

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