BITS: Musician Invents ‘Pyro-Trombone’ That Shoots Flames

INTERESTING BITS: Musician Invents ‘Pyro-Trombone’ That Shoots Flames

Flaming trombone (photo by Marshall Tidrick)

By Jessie Wilson, Happy Mag | We all remember that kid who wanted to light everything on fire. Well, Valentin Guérin is one of those kids.

French creative Valentin Guérin observed that “the public dislikes trombone concerts”, and as such took it upon himself to make them more interesting. Hence he decided trombones should shoot flames.

30-year-old trombonist Valentin Guérin has invented the pyro-trombone. Yep, that’s a trombone that shoots flames.

Guérin invented the pyro-trombone himself and owns the patent, but there’s still room for a pyro-flute if anyone feels the urge to make one.

One thing’s for sure, Guérin certainly made the trombone a lot hotter. There’s nothing like a good horn section, and with brass making a comeback, we can only hope other bands adopt flaming instruments.

Original article has two videos of the flames/fireworks shooting trombone!

Photo: Flaming trombone (photo by Marshall Tidrick)

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