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Alex Teitz of Fem Music sent us several articles this past couple of weeks that our readers may find very interesting. We recommend that you check them out!

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Denver Wants to Boot the Onyx Nightclub Out of Its 14th Street City-owned Location, Citing Crime

By David Sachs, Denverite | At Denver’s 14th Street hub of performing arts, some people catch the symphony and some people catch a musical. Next door, some people catch table service and dancing at Onyx, a hip-hop club that the city wants to move out.

On Wednesday, Denver Arts and Venues, which rents the space at 14th Street and Arapahoe Street to Onyx, moved to terminate its contract with two years left on the lease. The agreement would end Dec. 31 If the Denver City Council approves.

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Youth on Record Hires Flobots’ Stephen Brackett to Extend the Denver Non-profit’s Reach Throughout Colorado

The hip-hop star is adding “director of special programs” to his resume.

By David Sachs, Denverite | Denver’s Youth on Record has hired Flobots star Stephen Brackett, also known by his stage name Brer Rabbit, to oversee the expansion of the music-and-education nonprofit.

The fit seems natural for Brackett, who helped found the group and served on the board of directors since the organization began as Flobots.org in 2008. Brackett helped executive director Jami Duffy build a $2 million recording studio for kids with the Denver Housing Authority.

Brackett and Duffy will work with teens all over the state in an attempt to understand what young people want and need…

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