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Columbia Record Label for Al Jolson’s version of “Rock-A-Bye My Baby With a Dixie Melody” (from Wikipedia)

COMBO Board Member and Membership Director Sheena Morgan sent us a couple of articles this past week that our readers may find very informative and interesting. We recommend that you check them out!

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“Devastating” Manufacturing Plant Fire Threatens Worldwide Vinyl Record Supply

Third Man Records’ Ben Blackwell says the destruction of Apollo Masters’ California facility “will present a problem for the vinyl industry worldwide”


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Over A Third of Professional Songwriters in the UK Say They Have Been Subject to Full Buyouts or Work for Hire

Over a third of professional songwriters in the UK say they have been ‘subject to full buyouts or work for hire commissions’

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The Future Of Music: Where It Is Today & Where It’s Going In The Next Decade


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