INTERESTING BITS: Stories Worth the Read

INTERESTING BITS: Stories Worth the Read

Alex Teitz of Fem Music sent us several articles this past couple of weeks that our readers may find very interesting. We recommend that you check them out!

Say It Ain’t So: Ticketmaster Deceptive Marketing Practices

Why CPR’s OpenAir is Now Indie 102.3
Meow Wolf Sued For Discrimination, Unfair Pay

In Erika Ryann’s Voice, The Moody Sounds of the West
Denver’s New Hip-Hop and R & B Station

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Slam Trump for Unauthorized Use of ‘Crazy Train’
[Editor’s note: I had quite the conversation with a FB “friend”. She saw absolutely nothing wrong with using someone else’s work without permission or without paying for the use. I suggested that it was akin to someone writing a letter of recommendation for someone else and signing her name to it – that people “assumed” that, in this case, the artist had endorsed the person using the music.]

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