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By Tim Chan, Rolling Stone | You have enough to worry about when you’re on the road, the last thing you should be fretting over is how to store and carry all your stuff. Whether you’re a touring musician, savvy traveler or just need something for your daily commute, a reliable backpack should be an essential part of your everyday carry — and your packing plan.

For Phantogram’s Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel, the key to a stress-free trip starts with a little prep work when you pack. The duo, who just realized their new single, “Mister Impossible,” is on the road through the fall, playing small theaters and festival sets at Life Is Beautiful, Hopscotch Music Festival and others. According to Carter, packing can be a chore, so it’s important to streamline what you bring with you, and what you’re using to carry everything in.

“Don’t pack too many clothes, except for socks and underwear,” he says, offering a few tips. “Often, you’ll end up wearing the same clothes that you like the most, more than not.”

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Storm Gloor
Associate Professor, Music and Entertainment Industry Studies | University of Colorado Denver
Immediate Past President, Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association | http://meiea.org/
City Councilman, Glendale, Colorado | http://www.glendale.co.us/
Faculty Fellow, Center For Faculty Development | http://www.ucdenver.edu/cfd

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