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KISS drummer and vocalist Peter Criss

Traveling with the band KISS on their private jet to their End of the Road show in Detroit Rock City, hotel, meals, and front row seats! Vinyl record: $25; hair crimper: $30; shower speaker, $44! Contestant Dennis won!!! He was SO EXCITED he was screaming like a little girl!!! BTW, KISS announced and presented the prize live on stage. How’s THAT for super promotion??!!

Paul Stanley (KISS’ singer) announced the prize and said that this would be the last tour for KISS since they have been touring for 45 years and it’s time to stop. Didn’t say the band was breaking up or that they wouldn’t stop writing songs!

BTW, Dennis (the contestant) also ended up in the Showcase Showdown! KISS came back later in the show to offer autographed instruments, a trip on a KISS Caribbean cruise, and a 2019 Fiat convertible in the Showcase. Dennis bid $45,000 – price $46,650 – the other guy bid $1,357 closer and won a trip to Colorado!


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