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I Am Alive is an original dramatic musical inspired by the harrowing stories of surviving the Armenian Genocide – the first genocide of the 20th century. I Am Alive music, book and lyrics, written by Emmy® Award winning composer Denise Gentilini and internationally celebrated singer songwriter Lisa Nemzo, is a love story of nearly seventy five years, inspired by Ms. Gentilini’s grandparents Kourken and Malvine Handjian.

The premier presentation of I Am Alive is being directed by Christy Montour-Larson and produced by Well Orchestrated Madness. Under Christy’s direction, we have put together an amazing team of talented professionals in the area of costume, sound and lighting design, choreography, and staging. Denise is orchestrating and pre-recording the music tracks. We are currently casting and our excitement grows with each additional member to the production.

In our hope to bring an amazing premiere presentation of I Am Alive here in Denver on April 21, 2015, we are asking you to embrace this vision and become part of this project by helping to fund us through this Kickstarter campaign.

Who We Are. . .
As Well Orchestrated Madness (Denise Gentilini and Lynette Prisner) we have successfully produced the 2009 concert, We Are Voices – For A Future Without Genocide (http://www.WeAreVoicesProject.com); the 2011 We Are Voices For Autism, fundraising concert for the NSC Program for Autism at The Children’s Hospital, Colorado; the 2011 We Are Voices Taking a Stand and 2013 We Are Voices For Courage, fundraising concerts for The Iliff School of Theology Courage Awards. Using voices, a Well Orchestrated Madness production begins with Denise’s original compositions and culminates in a live presentation that inspires the audience through the power of music. We are excited in the I Am Alive project to go beyond the concert platform and dive into the world of musical theatre.

A Powerful Charitable Partnership. . .
Well Orchestrated Madness has proudly partnered with The Armenians of Colorado, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, (http://www.ArmeniansofColorado.org) to bring this production to the stage in Denver this April. Armenians of Colorado (AOC) is a 30 year old cultural and civic group with the capacity to fulfill the promise of this project and provide the Colorado community with a memorable and enlightening experience. The mission of AOC is to create a cohesive Armenian community and to further the understanding of Armenian history, culture, language, customs, and heritage. AOC actively supports issues and concerns of the Armenian-American community in Colorado as well as those identified within the Armenian Diaspora throughout the world. As a program of AOC, I Am Alive will be one of the main events of the 100th year commemoration in April 2015.

Why We Need Your Help. . .
Well Orchestrated Madness and the Armenians of Colorado need your help to bring the best possible presentation of this remarkable new musical to the stage on April 21, 2015 to commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide and all victims of crimes against humanity. Denise and Lisa have worked tirelessly this past year to create this story and its music. Denise is in the studio creating orchestrations, arrangements and sound recordings which is the very foundation of the live stage performance. To get it out of the studio, off the page, and into a live production we need money to pay the incredible crew and actors who have signed on to bring this story to life.

Where Your Funding Will Go. . .
The funds will help us to produce the one night only world premiere, live performance of I Am Alive.
●   With the $26,000 raised, we will be able to pay for the venue, our director, choreographer, the lighting, sound and projection designers, costume designer, and the cast of 20 talented actors/singers.
●   An additional $13,000 will cover the cost of videography and sound recording of the performance so that we may immortalize the premiere. We can use this final video as a calling card as we work to take this musical to other cities in the USA and worldwide.
●   90% of Kickstarter funds go to our production, 10% go to Kickstarter and credit card fees.
●   Your contribution is tax deductible minus the cost of any goods provided to you in your rewards.

As You May Know. . .
Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing proposition – meaning if we don’t raise our goal of $26,000 by the end of the campaign, we get nothing. Thank you for making your pledges and please share with anyone and everyone and help us to reach our goal.

A Note From Denise. . .
On January 6, 2014, Armenian Christmas, the Epiphany (and what would have been my grandfather’s 107th birthday) I sat down at my piano as ideas poured out of me. It was as if my grandparents were speaking directly through me.

I was anticipating April 24, 2015, which would mark the 100th commemoration of the Armenian Genocide – a genocide which each of my grandparents survived to tell their story – a genocide that in some areas of the world, is still denied.

I began to write I Am Alive, an anthem as a testament to the Armenian people. After sketching out the lyric and melody ideas, I called my long time friend and collaborator, Lisa Nemzo, and shared the beginnings of my vision. Immediately inspired, she jumped on board and together we completed the song, I Am Alive. At the time, we thought the one song would be our complete statement to the intention; little did we know this would be only the seed of I Am Alive, what would become a full, dramatic musical.

I grew up knowing that the Armenian people had endured such atrocities during the first genocide of the 20th century yet their culture, their faith, and their history had survived throughout the Diaspora. Their resilience inspired me. In this musical I wanted to celebrate the history of my ancestors and ultimately the fact that – because they survived – I am alive!


The link also includes a note from Lisa. . .


Please join our team in this production by supporting this fundraising campaign.

Here is the link:

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,
Denise Gentilini Music | Emmy Award winning film composer
c) 818-517-7749
f) 720-221-0668

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