Self-portrait by Adrienne O – Starting New Series: Wine, Women & Song!

From Adrienne Osborn on Fb, 3/13/18: I’ve been accepted into the Accredited Track of the International Voice Teachers of Mix! This means I should soon be an accredited teacher of mix singing, which is what I teach anyway – I have just been feeling like I wanted to KNOW that I KNOW what I THINK I know. I’m very much looking forward to filling in the holes in my knowledge!

And, oops, this means I’m going through three programs at the same time: Seth Godin’s Marketing Seminar, IVTOM certification, and The Artist’s Way. No wonder between that, and regular business, and all the rest of the usual stuff going on in life, I’ve been dropping a small ball here and there this week!

Thanks to Jenny Shawhan for telling me about IVTOM.
Don’t forget: Adrienne starts her new Wine, Women and Song Events on March 27th!

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