AJ Fullerton’s CD “Kalamath”

AJ Fullerton’s outstanding CD, “Kalamath” has a great review by Rex Bartholomew in the April 5 Blues Blast magazine. Rex states “Every year there is a new crop of talented young singers and guitarists on the music scene, but what happens to them? Many end up joining a cover band and established bands capture most of the rest of them, and only a very small percentage go on to do great things. These are the men and women who have not only have the talent to perform, but who also have a vision and the creativity and work ethic to fulfill it. Judging by A.J. Fullerton’s debut solo studio album, Kalamath, he is a part of that small percentage who will get it right.” Check out the entire review here by clicking here [scroll down]:


[Thanks to the Colorado Blues Society for passing this along. http://www.coblues.org]

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