Carson Ortega and Bob Schlotter

Carson Ortega: I owe this man a huge thank you. I was 15 years old when he said, “you play hard rock pretty good. Can you play this?”…. He started jamming Doobie Brothers, 38 Special, Beatles etc. I remember thinking to myself, “Hey, my parents jam this.” In the following weeks, a band was formed. We had 6 hours of tunes. Playing weddings, funerals, reunions, private parties, graduation parties, city functions etc. That experience taught me how music comes to life – and stays a part of your life. I jam those tunes to this day. Try to catch the Doobies every time they’re here. The Beatles taught me how to harmonize, for crying out loud. On top of that, we were still jamming Poison, White Lion, Van Halen – and I was still under age. They wouldn’t let me leave the stage, drank Mtn Dew all night. LoL. Bob Schlotter – thanks for all the awesome times, set lists, knowledge, and stage fun. You’re a good soul. God bless you, brother…

Bob Schlotter: One of the best musicians I have ever played music with. Those young men were like sponges, they soaked up everything I could teach and [they] were always hungry for more. Love you, bro.

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