Never knew this moment might be the last time sharing the stage with my students for the foreseeable future. I treasure it so much.

Students and staff will transition to remote learning next week at my school. As the hours wore on today, the heaviness in my choir rehearsals became more and more palpable. The reality that today could very well be the last time these groups of individuals will ever sing together began to sink in. Students began to spontaneously shed tears. I cried. We were all clinging to every last precious minute. We made some of the most beautiful music we ever have. We collectively felt the beautiful preciousness of communal music making. I am very supportive of the safety efforts put in place by schools and governments. It needs to be done. And, at the same time, my soul is heavy. I love my students and it breaks my heart that the seniors may not get to say goodbye to choir, to high school, to each other, the way they always imagined. While we should all be focusing on the general welfare of humanity – if you have a moment – send a thought or a prayer to the students


John Muehleisen Wow! How dramatically things have changed since I saw you at the end of January, Chris. I feel like we all live on a different planet now. It’s a bit like a Twilight Zone episode. I’m so glad that you and CW were able to perform at SW ACDA before the Great Silence fell. I can’t wait to see the video of the performance. Stay healthy and safe, my friend.

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