Raquel Garcia

Raquel Garcia (from Chuck Morris’ Facebook page)

From Chuck Morris: My client 15 year old bilingual Raquel Garcia (just turned 15 a few weeks ago) is playing a private Latino party Saturday. Heading out shortly to Los Angeles to finish 4 songs with famed producer Peter Asher (Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, etc.)

My old friend Peter got 2 unrecorded Ed Sheeran songs from Ed that Raquel is singing in English and Spanish. We are doing a big chunk of the album before we approach major Latino American labels. We signed Raquel to mega booking agency CAA with head of their Latino Dept. Bruno Del Granada and my old friend of 40 years John Huie . They are so excited about her. They rarely sign a new artist with no record deal and only popular in Denver but they went crazy when they heard the video demos I did to promote her. Thanks to Michael Franti’s great guitar player Jay Bowman and guitar whiz and Etown host Nick Forster!

Once these tracks are done, getting a major record deal will be a piece of cake. Hope to have a record out early 2022. Never have I seen an act at any age – let alone just 15 – so talented with a voice that knocks you down, a look that is amazing, and stage presence of a 30 year old star. Let alone bilingual which, in today’s world, is such an advantage.

The oldest of 7 kids (who were all born in Denver) with the youngest just 2 and is the greatest family. The tragic death of her wonderful father (who was born in Latin America but moved to Los Ang then Denver years ago) a few months ago was heartbreaking but her amazing mother (who was born in Mexico) is one special woman.

[I] never wanted to manage again but saw her perform a while ago for a Mayor Hancock fund- raiser that I hosted that changed my mind in about 30 seconds of hearing her sing. This has been the most rewarding project I’ve been involved in with 50 years in the music business.

One more thing, the family are Safartic Jews and she sings in Hebrew as well!


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