Cody Qualls of Face Vocal Band wins Vocalist of the Year

From Cody Qualls on Facebook, 8/02/19: Beyond humbled. Just unreal. After some nudging from my friends, supporters, and the guys in Face, I decided to go ahead and share this. What I want to be clear about is that none of this sort of thing happens without an incredible team behind you. Be it your bandmates, your management, staff, music supporters and especially your family. Pretending this is possible without your people just isn’t my path. If Face’s recent awards helps us reach more people with our music, then maybe it serves a purpose. That’s all it can be about for me. Gratitude to my parents, Kindred, Face and every music teacher I’ve ever had. For all my friends from the old-school in East Boulder County and especially Louisville, CO, my only wish has to been bring it all back home. I love you all and will never forget all the encouragement I received as a kid. Wow, folks. Thanks for making a guy feel pretty dang special.

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