From John Moore on Facebook, 10/16/20: Last month, we released an audio version of my play “Waiting for Obama,” which is available now for free on all major streaming outlets. Well, I am so pleased to update you with the news that Broadway on Demand asked us if we had videotaped our recording. Thanks to http://RayBailey.tv, we had! BoD has now licensed that recording for one year of streaming as an additional opportunity to raise revenue for my Denver Actors Fund.

Broadway of Demand will host a live, world-premiere party at 6 p.m. on Saturday, October 24, when “Waiting for Obama” will be the featured program of the evening and streamed out to 14 countries! After that, “Waiting for Obama” will be available on-demand for a 48-hour rental for the next year, with 100 percent of our 50 percent of all revenue raised going directly to The Denver Actors Fund, which has now made $655,000 available to Colorado artists in medical need.

Thank you to everyone at Parker Arts who made this recording possible. Thank you to Ray Bailey for videotaping and editing the reading into a streamable program. Thank you to everyone who has supported this project since 2016 with your donations, attendance and encouragement. Thank you to Director Brian Freeland, who sheparded this play to life in the first place. Thanks to everyone on the original cast and crew (see below and Brett Aune and Amelia Corrada.) And thank you to these folks who brought the pay to life for this recording:

Laurence Curry: Barack Obama
Drew Horwitz: Peter Welby
Chris Kendall: Hank Welby
Leslie O’Carroll: Martha Welby
Jenna Moll Reyes: Jenna
Jessica Robblee: Katie Welby
Luke Sorge: Benny Bunny
Mare Trevathan: Stage Directions and Voice of God

Recorded by the staff of Parker Arts
Production Manager: Kevin T. Newton
Audio Engineer: Joe Brindley
Lighting support: David Holt
Acting Director: Carrie Smith Glassburn

“We can’t stop thinking and talking about this play. It jolts you into the reality that this issue is very complex and so personal. A truly incredible cast!” – Mary Deshaies American Theatre magazine

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Audio version:

John’s Facebook page:


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