16th Street Mall piano (credit: Downtown Denver Partnership)

Annie Mirabella, Musician near 11th and Marion: I think someone is learning a woodwind instrument near 11th and Marion and, for the past few weeks, it has been a joy to listen to! I often leave music or TV off so I can listen to your practicing. What instrument is it? How long have you been playing? Keep it up! Makes being stuck working at home a little better. I miss concerts. 🙂

Lynn Kutner, Congress Park | We have a flute player who often practices outside (when it’s not too hot) … but isn’t the 11th & Marion person!

Elaine Turner, Capitol Hill Central | I used to worry about practicing my piano since it can be heard through the door. I have been delighted to have 3 neighbors now tell me that they LIKE it! And thanks to semi-quarantine, I’m getting better!


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