Blackmail the Universe – Haylar Garcia and Abel

Hey everyone! After a few days of really heavy hearted stuff, I have a bit of good news. Was not able to announce it previously as it was in development but it’s become public now so here we go.

I am happy and honored to announce that two of my stories for the Megadeth Universe are being published in the upcoming Heavy Metal Magazine graphic novel anthology entitled “Death By Design”. For me to be published in the amazing literary universe of Heavy Metal which I grew up reading on the constant is a really cool milestone and so I want to thank my manager Tarik Heitmann for putting me in the room. Of course in addition; thanks to the amazing staff, management and artists of Heavy Metal Mag! and mostly thanks to Dave Mustaine for approving my tales.

It’s been an honor to create these stories based on the Megadeth songs “Blackmail the Universe” and “Washington is Next.” I hope you all enjoy the final product when it is released.



Photo: Blackmail the Universe – Haylar Garcia and Abel

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