The gates of Strawberry Field, near Liverpool, England (photo from Wikipedia)

Strawberry Field, the Iconic Salvation Army home for children, which opened in 1935 in Liverpool England and was immortalized in John Lennon’s classic song from 1967, is undergoing a full restoration and will reopen this summer as a place for special needs kids and adults to work and learn new skills, while also inviting curious fans to stroll the grounds and the buildings to experience this hallowed ground for the first time behind the red gates.

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Let me take you down, ´cause we´re going back to Strawberry Field, and this time it´s real. Work has begun in Woolton, Liverpool where John Lennon was born, on restoration of the iconic Strawberry Field home for children to reopen this summer as a learning facility for children and teenagers with learning disabilities, and a place where friends and fans can learn about its history.

Strawberry Field opened in 1935 as a Salvation Army children´s home for girls. In the 40s and 50s, boys were allowed in. It had been a loving home, a place for refuge for some of Liverpool´s most vulnerable children for nearly 70 years, but then closed in 2005. In the newly restored Salvation Army home, Strawberry Field will include exhibitions with stories on its influence on John Lennon and the origins of the famous song, written in 1966 by Lennon.

Strawberry Field became a legend, which the Salvation Army will continue to cherish and celebrate. The new Strawberry Field will be a training hub for these children and teenagers. The goal is to turn Strawberry Field into a place that supports people with learning disabilities.

Back in the 40´s and 50´s, John and his friends would often climb the branch of a large tree and look into Strawberry Field, whistling at the girls. John´s Aunt Mimi even inspired one of the famous lines from the song when she told John back then, that he could be punished by authorities for sneaking into the field. John´s comment to her was, “well, they´re not gonna hang you for it”, and thus, there´s “nothing to get hung about”.

John´s half-sister Julia Baird is at the forefront of Strawberry Fields rejuvenation. She tells us, “Well, the progress has been phenomenal. I met one of the Salvation Army staff last week and she had been on site and had taken lots of photographs, and I received them today. I can hardly comprehend the rate and state of the work. The staff member I mentioned is Sue and she told me that she has been making bacon butties for the builders every Friday. The result is there for all to see!”

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