Colorado sister act Neoni built an audience on YouTube (Courtesy of Tim Powell)

From Catrina Powell: My daughters, Caitlin & Sidney Powell, got their song “Never Say Die” placed in the UFC promotional video! Y’allll – We are SOOOOO excited!

Check out this video and listen to the ladies song:

Caitlin and Sidney Powell are members of COMBO. They lived in Evergreen until their music started taking off so their parents uprooted and moved near Nashville to be closer to their agency and publisher. While in Colorado they were known as “Facing West” but are now known as “Neoni”. Their music has also received placements in television shows like “Teenage Moms”, “Cloak and Dagger,” and “The Titan Games.” Congratulations, Caitlin and Sidney (and mom & dad Tim)! We are so proud of – and thrilled for – you!

They have also been receiving some great press as well. Check out this article in Westword!

And: http://www.girlgangmusic.com/qa-with-facing-west/


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