COMBO members Caitlin and Sidney Powell, n/k/a Neoni

More COMBO members busting buttons! From Neoni (f/k/a Facing West) on Fb, 5/23/19: Here’s us feeling hyped that our song “Demons” is gonna be in Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger tonight [5/23/19]!! Check it out on Hulu and Freeform Ps. Special thanks to Charles the cat for his help on this picture. You are the real MVP.

Catrina Smallwood Powell: Y’ALLLLLL – this is AMAZING!!! The girls have their first official Marvel show MUSIC SYNC!!! I am so freaking excited for them!

Tim Powell: So proud of these ladies! Hard work and sacrifice over the last 7 years is starting to pay off. You make me proud! Another amazing milestone for them and their amazing team (Charlie, too)! Neoni lands a great spot at the very end of tonight’s episode 9 in this Marvel Series.

Name change announcement!

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