Carla Jordan plays the blues on her kazoo (photo from her Facebook page)

COMBO would like to say a BIG “Thank You” to Carla Jordan, former owner of Ziggie’s, and Bobby Messano for coming to speak to the attendees at last Monday night’s general meeting on PROs – Performance Rights Organizations! The meeting was held at the Irish Snug in central Denver which has a private meeting room that meets our needs for quiet and “personal” time.

Ms. Jordan started the evening with explaining how PROs work for entertainment venues. She said that getting a PRO license is very expensive and must be renewed every year or two. The licenses are offered to various venues and the fees are contingent upon the size of the space and/or size of the crowd expected. The licenses were designed to pay the performers who play in that venue and she emphasized that performers who do nothing to collect their performance rights were throwing away their money as well as hers!

Mr. Messano continued along that theme and said that he registers for every PRO he can find besides ASCAP (and BMI and SESAC). There are digital collection agencies as well and he makes a few bucks each month from several different sources of revenue. He said it is important for musicians to make sure that they follow up on their collection resources as they, too, may be throwing away a lot of money. For instance, one of his songs was picked up by a syndicated radio show. That meant that every time his show played “on the radio”, it actually went out more than 200 times so he got paid royalties for 200 plays [this is an example, not actual figures].

We also want to thank Ms. Jordan and Mr. Messano for hanging around for awhile after the meeting and answering individual questions from the attendees. Very considerate of them.

Remember: COMBO meetings are free, open to the public, and open to all ages. By holding them in venues also designated as restaurants, you can bring the under 21s – like your band members! We do ask, however, if possible, that you order a drink and/or a meal from our “sponsors” as that’s what keeps them in business, too.

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Mark these on your calendar now!
Monday, October 21st – General Meeting: Randy Ricks on Getting Your Royalties
Friday, November 15th – Songwriting Contest Winners Showcase at the Walnut Room
Monday, December 9th – COMBO’s Holiday Dinner – Location to be announced

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